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Are you facing legal issues and need reliable professionals in the field of law for consultation, guidance or documentation of information?

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Cathay Lawyers has got you covered! With the most efficient, effective and innovative law procedures, practices and advocacy services, our experts strive to meet your needs, eliminate concerns and speed up your procedures. With the changes in international, national and local environments, a fresh and modern approach towards law is needed. Anderson Gray Melbourne is an expert firm deal with the following subcategories of law fields and offer you modernized and up-to-date services in them:

  1. Business law: regulations that affect businesses. These include taxation procedures, intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and various forms of business transactions.
  2. Conveyancing: legal aspects that are concerned with the preparation of the documents to convey property from one person to another, to provide mortgage or a lien. It typically consists of three stages: before the contract, before completion, and after completion.
  3. Corporate Law: It is the study of how the governance, management, stakeholders (consumers) and environment interact with each other. The corporate lawyers deal any conflicts between these bodies.
  4. Criminal Law: A branch of law that deals with the study of an act that is considered illegal or criminal in some jurisdiction by a legal authority. Criminal lawyers work in the domain of bails, arraignments and criminal trials.
  5. Family Law: Laws about marriage, divorce, child custody, spousal support or others come under the umbrella of family laws.
  6. Immigration Laws: National governmental laws and policies governing the international movement of people into a non-native country, their deportation or naturalization and citizenship.
  7. Litigation: The process of taking legal actions, legal procedures or filing lawsuits against an entity or a person.

Whatever aspect of law and lawful procedures you are searching for, Cathay Lawyers will be sure to provide you with the best services out there. With a resourceful and proficient team that is capable of a professional and unique approach to cases, we shall help in consultation as well as professional services for our members.